The Newest Addition: Rapido GMD-1 #1118 Engine

By Ty’s Model Railroad - 5/20/2015 10:58:00 AM

A Rapido GMD-1 1100 series diesel engine with Alberta Prairie road number 1118 approaches an Atlas signal tower kit structure

The newest addition to my collection, a Rapido GMD-1 1100 series replica of diesel engine #1118 from the Alberta Prairie Railroad. This model was given to me as a gift from my employer, which is one of the most unique and thoughtful thank-you gifts I’ve ever received. Best of all, the engine is local and is still in service today. 

The engine itself runs on a daily excursion line (Alberta Prairie Railroad Excursions) between Stettler and Big Valley, right here in Alberta, Canada. The Excursion line features mostly older steam engines, however the GMD-1 #1118 is used to help out when needed. This model from Rapido, in association with MLW, is available in both DC and DCC, and comes in several road numbers and paint schemes. Furthermore, sounds for this model were all recorded directly from engine #1118.

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  1. Congratulations!
    She´s a beauty!

  2. Very nice!! Custom? The Rapido GMD-1s are amazing aren't they? I own a six-axle version, as CN 1063. Such great models no doubt!