Pre-Fall Scenery Update

By Ty’s Model Railroad - 10/05/2013 06:18:00 PM

A completed Atlas Signal Tower and Atlas Water Tower kit on the edge of a railroad maintenance yard

Almost five months has passed since my last post, and unfortunately I have made little progress over the summer, mostly due to my schedule being insanely busy. However, with the leaves turning yellow and snow on the mountain-tops west on the horizon, my sights are now turning back to my layout now that I find myself staying indoors more often. Plus, a little break from something you love doing never hurts.

A completed downtown model scene made up of a Kate’s Colonial Home Kit, an Other Corner Café Kit, and a Walthers Merchant’s Row I Kit

Structurally, I think everything is done. I try to find things to add, or even modify, however find that quite often more is definitely not better. Details on the other hand, there can never be enough of those, so I will be looking into further detailing, including figures, wildlife, foliage, etc. Vehicles and rolling stock also still need to be added. I have done a little experimenting with weathering trains, though I will unquestionably need more practice at this point before I start on anything worth any significant value. Acquiring HO scale vehicles also seems to still be quite difficult.

A USRA Light Mikado 2-8-2 steam locomotive passing in front of a completed Walthers Northern Light & Power kit

A complete 4 x 8 HO scale model railroad layout with industrial, urban, forest, and mountain scenery

A USRA Light Mikado 2-8-2 steam locomotive passing through a mountain forest scene with rock outcroppings and trees

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  1. Great looking railroad. Very inspirational, in fact. I've taken the general layout as a template for my own (hope you don't mind :-) ). I have scaled it up a little to 9' x 5'. Will be starting a blog about it soon (