About Me

I have been fascinated with trains for as long as I can remember. I was six years old when I received my first Union Pacific HO model train kit as a Christmas gift from my parents. My father and I set up the figure-eight track on his workbench in our basement, and from the very moment we powered it on, I was hooked. 

I grew up in a tiny coal-mining community in the heart of the British Columbia Rocky Mountains. Our distance from any large urban center made it nearly impossible to expand or add on to my little layout. Nevertheless, I had big dreams of one day having a grand layout. I’d plan for hours on paper, sketching track plans, building locations, scenery. 

By 2005, I had graduated high school and relocated to Lethbridge, Alberta. In January 2010, my roommate (who worked at a thrift store) came home with a box of old Tyco HO track and a single Canadian Pacific engine. The moment I saw the track and locomotive, the familiar model railroad itch that I experienced in my childhood was back with a vengeance. Only this time I had the resources and space to make it a reality. 

I immediately started planning and building my first official layout, and on July 16, 2010, established Ty’s Model Railroad with my first blog post. In the fall of 2013, after 3.5 years of construction and almost 60 blog posts, my first layout was finally completed. 

I currently reside in Edmonton, Alberta, having relocated here from Lethbridge in 2017. Though I’ve taken a break from physical modelling over the last few years, I have not lost touch with the hobby and recently decided to get back into it. Stay tuned for exciting new content to come. 


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