White Tower Restaurant Kit by Walthers

By Ty’s Model Railroad - 10/19/2011 02:51:00 PM

Completed Walthers White Castle kit displayed on a kitchen table

I recently completed my Walther’s White Tower Restaurant kit. I completed it in just a couple days, opposed to my last two structures which took over a month! I know the kit is a lot simpler then my last two structures, however as my skills get better, so does the time that it takes to complete them.

Completed Walthers White Castle kit displayed on a kitchen counter

Like my Merchant’s Row I kit, this one needed a lot of masking. The kit calls for white exterior walls and silver trim, but I decided to change this. I first sprayed the walls with Testor’s light aircraft gray paint. Once dry, I started carefully masking the exterior trim by cutting very small pieces of masking tape and smoothing it down with a small flat head jeweler’s screwdriver. I then hand painted the trim a dark gray.

Custom interior scene consisting of counters, tables, and a black and white checkered floor for a White Castle kit

I scratch built the entire interior, including the tables, benches, and counters, all from styrene. The black and white tile flooring I made in Photoshop and is a printed on copy paper. For lighting, I used a small 12v automotive bulb that I attached to the top corner of the kitchen walls. I hid the leads behind the kitchen walls so they were out of sight and have them exiting the building out of the rear base.

Custom interior scene showing interior lighting wiring for a Walthers White Castle kit

Just like I did for my Merchant’s Row I kit, the exterior of the building simply slides over the interior, making for very easy access to the inside if I ever need to change the light bulb or interior. I did not use the window glazing that was included in this kit, as it was very poor quality and opaque. I instead used clear styrene from Evergreen.

Completed Walthers White Castle kit with steel awning supports

The window awnings were designed in Photoshop and printed on printer paper. I cut the awnings out and glued them to a thin strip of styrene. I drilled small holes with a thumb drill into the exterior walls and shaped supports out of thin steel wire, which then slid into the holes. I then glued the awnings to the supports and exterior wall.

Side of a completed Walthers White Castle kit displayed on a kitchen table

The decals used were included with the kit, however I did some slight modifications. The “White Castle Hamburgers” decals also had “5 cents” and “buy a bagful!” in the design, but I opted to not include these as it made the signs look too cluttered and dated. For the decals, I first sprayed a gloss coat to the structure and added the decal once the gloss coat was dry. The decal was then covered with a second coat of glass paint. This method reduces the visibility of the glossy decal backing. I then sprayed the entire structure with dull coat to get rid of the gloss.

A lit interior scene consisting of counters, tables, and a black and white checkered floor for a White Castle kit

Completed Walthers White Castle kit with lighting effects on display on a kitchen counter

The the same time, I also built a small Atlas Telephone Shanty kit which I purchased for $0.99 at a hobby clearance store in Calgary last month.

Completed Atlas Telephone Pole and Shanty kit

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  1. Hi Ty, I am a newby and really enjoyed reading about your layout. I also aspire for a complex layout in a small space. Question, your construction page says your setup is 4x8 and then you say 8x10. I am confused. Also do you run DCC? Can I get a copy of the original plans somewhere? Thanks.


    1. Hey thanks for finding the typo and sorry about the confusion, it should have said 4'x8', not 8'x10'. My layout is completely DC powered for dual cab control. What Also, which plans were you looking for?


  2. Ty,
    Thanks for this posting. I have two White Castle kits that I have started. One is resin from Magnuson, and the other is card-stock from Clever Models. I find that I can build anything I put my mind to, but sometimes inspiration is a bit of a road-block. Seeing your White-Castle interior has provided the needed inspiration to finish those kits.

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