Laying Track - Part I

By Ty’s Model Railroad - 8/08/2010 11:07:00 PM

Track being installed onto foam roadbed and wooden train trestle

I’ve spent most of the time since my last update working on attaching the track to the roadbed, as well as installing the terminal connectors to isolate each of the twelve track sections. I have not yet attached the track to the trestle or bride as they still need to be finished with paint and stain first.

Installation of track with a 60 degree rail crossing and turnout

I've measured the space for my four remaining turnouts at least 10 times to make sure they will fit, along with other assorted Atlas track pieces. I will attach these last as I want to complete the rear sections of track first and not have to lean over the delicate switches. 

4 new Atlas turnouts and various track pieces waiting to be installed

At this time I have also laid the descending track from the trestle to the 60 degree crossing. This part of track worries me. I have tested this with an old Canadian Pacific engine and it works fine, however it does not look prototypical and I haven’t tested it with cars. I will just hope for the best at this point. 

Track being installed on foam roadbed and foam risers leading to a 60 decree rail crossing

The inner figure-8 track is now mostly complete, leaving the outer main curve and front staging area as the last sections of track that need to be completed. The outer main loop will be flex track. I also installed Atlas track bumpers at the end of my spurs. 

Track being installed on foam roadbed and foam track risers

For the terminal connectors that attach the power leads to my track sections, I soldered a wire lead to the bottom of metal track connectors then installed them to the control rain of each section. I then ran the wire lead through small holes that I drilled through the benchwork right below the connector. They are almost impossible to see. 

A metal rail joiner soldered to a red power supply wire

I will be working on the remaining track and start wiring during the next few weeks. Under-table switch machines, the turn table, and the control panel are also on the list for things to start working on.

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