Laying Trackbed - Part V

By Ty’s Model Railroad - 7/19/2010 12:30:00 AM

Foam trackbed installation using thumb tacks to secure it while it dries

On my last day off, I added the trackbed for the upper mountain tunnel lines. The outer track is part of the main oval line, which will descend down to the front staging area. The second ascends up from the track crossing in the center of my layout to the raised area at the rear of the layout. This line and the main line run together in one tunnel portal. I have also laid the track through the lower tunnel portal . I completed this so I wouldn't have to work around the upper sections of track in the future. 

Foam trackbed installation using thumb tacks to secure it while it dries

This wraps up my Canada Day long weekend. My plan for the following week will be to get a good start on the large wooden trestle.

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